November 2020
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We only met by chance because of a mutual friend who I have been friends with since high school.



I left the bathroom to go back into the bedroom to throw on my jammies and noticed under my covers a human sized figured. Instantly I ran for the towel in my bathroom and nervously stuttered a “hello”. You popped your head out and I yelped, quickly telling you our friend would not be happy that you came back, that I was tired and ready for bed.


I told you that you needed to leave, but you refused saying that “we weren’t doing anything”. You thought you were being cheeky and cute, but your refusal was terrifying and absolute. I didn’t want to overreact or make you angry- remember you were still just a strangers and we had only met just hours before.


“no, please stop”


You pulled by its legs and edged it closer to the bottom of the bed slowly forcing a subtle arch to its back, your hand firmly pushed into its lower back. Again, you penetrated what remained. Again, the body voice pleaded “please stop”.


Was it not clear to you that you had taken what I had not offered? That my consent and body was not given to you?


That body is my own. It was never yours to take.


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When an individual is sexually violated and stripped of their rights they feel helpless and incapable of being able to call their body their own because of the way it was used and mistreated.


When individuals reach out and voice their pain they are able to gain closure.


If you are seeking closure through your freedom of expression we are here to listen.


Please send us a message and let us assist in standing together to gain closure over what has occurred.


We are here to help.