October 2020
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Wouldn’t it be amazing, if for 16 days, there was no rape, no child abuse, and no case of a beaten-up woman, no woman killed and stashed somewhere like garbage?

Join Men Against Rape in re-declaring a truce on no violence against women and children and making it a permanent one.

We strongly believe that men are critical partners in the fight against abuse of women and children. Men Against Rape encourages men and boys to be vocal about abuse.

Calls have been made for rapists to stop the act, campaigns have been held with the hope that men who commit rape can change their ways but the social ill rate keeps escalating.

When will it end? Read the poem below by Skinny_Cow to have an idea of how rape victims are affected by the injustice.

My Virginity

I think back to when it happened,
think back to that awful day.
The day when it all happened,
the day he took “it” away.

Fighting. Yelling. Crying.
It didn’t matter how loud I screamed.
Nobody came to help me.
Nobody came to set me free.

I still dream of running,
of trying to break away.
Of feeling him catch me,
every damn day.

I see him in the shadows,
even while I’m at home.
I close my eyes and pray he’s gone,
only then I can’t help but feel him.

To this day I feel him,
his tight grip on my wrists,
The pressure of his body
as I tried to resist.

He continued to thrust away,
as I fought and yelled and cried.
It didn’t matter how loud I screamed,
Nobody came to help me.
Nobody came to set me free.