November 2020
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He was abusive..

He was an alcoholic..

He was aggressive..




Yes this is all past tense but the fact that stands is that he is my father.

Being a rape victim and being a witness both leave a mental scar in your mind.


We were afraid to sleep alone so we sleep in the same bed to feel protected from the pain that lurked in the next room. He had no shame.


Late hours of the night, the door creaked. A figure appeared, it was him.


Leave my mother alone was the only sentence to go through my mind.


My mind..

Why didn’t I say something?


He stumbled across to her side of the bed, drunk of course for that was all he knew.


He climbed on top of her, I felt the bed slanting. I turned to attempt in making him acknowledge my presence but still he did not care.


He went on to do his deed with his hand over her mouth while she attempted to scream, letting out a slight stop here and there in attempt not to wake me.


Once he had completed his deed and resided back to the room he was sleeping in. Her frustration and pain let out, slight whimpers still in attempt not to wake me. She cried the night away till she eventually became too exhausted to allow her body to continue.


Did you hear her screams?

Did you hear her cries?

Did you feel the pain you caused her?


Rape is rape even if you are a couple, if your partner does not give you consent to go about your sexual act it is rape!


If you have a story to tell, even as a witness we are here to listen.


Feel free to contact us with your stories.




We are here to help.