October 2020
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That was too long ago for me to remember…




My home was broken by abuse and tried to be relieved through suicide.


Courage was essential to move forward.


Meeting the man that caused so much of pain to my hero was one of the most difficult things to do.


Words hurt you know…


Strength was needed to move forward…


My hero left a bad situation for a worse one.


My step dad raped me when I was 10 years old.


Continuing every school day.


My hero didn’t believe me…


Persistence got me out when I was 13 years old and filed for a restraining order.


Was this nightmare finally over?


He came back…




He beat me

He raped me

He threatened me


Being alone was the worst…


Nine years till I finally got justice!




This is a story of a brave young girl that shows so much potential. Her past does not define her. Despite her difficulties and the challenges she faces daily, this is not her end.


She wants her story to inspire others to speak up and be heard.


Everything will get better in the end and if it is not better, then it is not the end.


We are here to stand up against these acts that torment young ladies.


We stand up against perpetrators to create a brighter future for those in society.


If you have a story, do not be afraid to share it.


We are here to help.