October 2020
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I am not a victim, I am a victor.





The end of a busy work day was the start of an unforgettable night.


My colleagues and I were picked up by an unknown car carrying 3 men that gave off a strange atmosphere.


The driver took us off road. I started panicking and asked him where he was taking us, but instead of answering me the guy seated at the back with us took out a gun and pointed it straight at my head. He told us to shut up and behave or he’d blow us up. We were all so frightened.


We were taken to a nearby veld where the three men, all armed now, started assaulting us. They took our phones and all our belongings. One of them started to strip my uniform and forced me onto the ground.


He raped me right there with my colleagues helplessly watching.


One of the other guys, carrying what looked like a kitchen knife, came up to me and also tried to force himself on me – when I tried to resist he stabbed me in my thigh and forced my legs apart.


My friends watched in horror as all this was happening to me, but where still helpless.


The next thing I knew I was thrown back into the car. They drove off with me leaving my friends behind.


As the car sped off two of the guys continued assaulting me, beating me and calling me names. I prayed to God to take my life as I couldn’t take the pain anymore. It was then that the thugs threw me out of moving car on to the middle of the road.


As I lay there covered in my own blood all I could think was that this was the end to me. I couldn’t feel pain anymore – my whole body was numb. As I lay there I couldn’t wait for a car to hit me and finish me off.


But God had other plans for me.


I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital with friends and family by my bedside. To this day, four years later, no arrests have been made but I believe God will bring me justice one day.


I’m still trying to cope with what happened to me and I refuse to be called a victim of rape.  I am a victor. I survived the worst experience any woman can and I am still alive to tell my story.


Women are not the victims of rape; they are the victors of a brutal life experience.