January 2021
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Abuse Victims

In a terrifying situation where you realize that you are being followed, harassed or ambushed, an opportunity to stop and make a phone call or send a text message and GPS location may in most cases be impossible. For this unfortunate reason, Men Against Rape is launching a free mobile application for all South Africans to download.

Facing and experiencing crime is something almost everyone, especially women, will deal with at least once in their lifetime.  As a matter of fact, South Africa is becoming an increasingly unsafe place for women to live in.

The Crime Against Women in South Africa Report by Statistics SA shows that femicide (the murder of women on the basis of their gender) is 5 times higher than the global average. This means that in South Africa, women are 5 times more likely to be killed due to gender-based violence committed by men. This is an alarming fact!

Displeased with the statistics of women and children abuse in the country, Men Against Rape sturdily hopes the app will help fight the scourge of the abuse scourge in our country and possibly save lives. This app allows users to easily and quickly notify police, security companies and selected family and friends.

The functionality built-in this app has been developed to mitigate factors like no data and limited access to the phone. Besides the emergency locator function, this app will also offer users relevant information, support, and events happening around you to participate in.

In case of emergency, shake your phone and a message will be sent to specific contacts saved as emergency contacts on your phone and help will be on the way!

Founded in 2011, Men Against Rape is an action group rallying up the support to save lives and protect women.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the upcoming 16 Days of Activism in house campaigns.