October 2020
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Rape Stats

Use your voice, fight for justice.



There are a quite a few reasons why victims may not report their case.

Did you know that in on average there are 147 rape cases daily?


Imagine the number of rapes that occur if all women report their cases.

Here are a few reasons why rape victims do not report their cases:


Many women fear the retaliation or intimidation of the perpetrator.


Some women may even lack the access to services.


Many women feel personal humiliation of being exposed as a victim of rape in a community.


Rape has a psychological effect on the minds of its victims and may not allow them to fully comprehend the intensity of the occurrence.


Many victims may also feel ashamed of it because they feel that their partners and loved ones may perceive them in a different manner.


On various occasions the perpetrator is known to the victim and is a frequent member of their lives.


Some may even rely on the perpetrator as a financial foundation, this occurs in scenarios whereby the victim is a child or the family may reply on the perpetrator’s income to survive.


We need to stand together against the fear that women have. We need to stand together to get rape victims to express themselves.


Could you imagine being raped, take control over and having your rights stripped away from you by the same person you wake up to everyday?


Why are we allowing the women of our country to go through this?


Let’s stand up and make a difference in society.