November 2020
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Stand Up

I thought it was a life option but it was rather an eye opening experience.



I was a 20-year old young lady when I first experienced what it meant to be raped by those that were meant to protect.


An Officer, Not a Gentleman.


He poured me another drink – I hesitated.


I had to use the bathroom.


When I opened the bathroom door to exit he was standing there with his pants off.  He grabbed me in a huge bear hug and pushed me into the adjacent bedroom.


Begging made no difference, could he not hear my pleading for it to stop?


Could no one hear my pleading?


He was stronger than me.


He pulled at my underpants until they tore. He jumped on top of me as I pulled to turn sideways. His voice was angry now.


At 20-years old, I was a victim of rape.


At Men Against Rape we stand up against these kinds of inappropriate behaviors performed by men.




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At 15-years old, I was a victim to rape.



I remember my boyfriend took my hand and led me upstairs to his room.  I sat down on his bed. I told him I felt sick. He told me to just relax and starting kissing me. I asked him for some water. He just laughed and climbed on top of me. Starting to unbutton my pants.  The room starting spinning. I tried to roll off the bed. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pinned me down. He said this is what people who love each other do.  I told him I was going to throw up. He stuck his hand over my mouth and told me to just relax. I started to shove him. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down onto the bed. That’s the last thing I remember. When I came back to, I remember him on top of me. I just lay there still and cried. Finally, I turned my head and started throwing up all over his floor. After throwing up, I came to, and I was alone in his basement.  My face was mushed against a black garbage can that I had been throwing up into. My makeup was running down my face and there was vomit in my hair.


This is my first memory of hating myself. There I was, alone in a basement; him nowhere to be found.


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Sometimes it’s those closest to us that hurt us the most. Remember that you are not alone in this, there are people that can help you. There are people that want to help you. Your life is important. Your life matters.


The Jes Foord Foundation offers free trauma counselling to survivors of rape, molestation and sexual assault, as well as for family and loved ones aected by the trauma. Contact Number: 0861 333 449.